Quality and environmental policy

The highest quality and environmental protection standards serve as Purmetall's most important guiding principles


From processing the raw materials in our own mineral grinding plant, through the mixing process all the way to the inspection and shipment of finished products – including individual maintenance services – each step must meet our stringent quality assurance standards.

We are certified by the TÜV Rheinland in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and we meet the required standards without exception.


Purmetall meets the highest quality standards!


Environmental policy

Taking responsibility for the environment and its resources is our company philosophy. Our core ideals are summarised and reflected in our environmental policy:

Environmental protection and an environmentally-friendly management style are key corporate functions, which are firmly embedded in our management principles.
Raw materials, energy, water and other goods must be used carefully in order to protect resources and reduce environmental impact.
The environmental impact of production processes and workflows must be continually improved.
The production of waste and emissions must also be reduced.
The abovementioned principles must be taken into consideration by the purchasing department as well as in the process of designing and planning all operations and procedures.
Legal or official standards relevant to environmental protection shall be viewed as minimum standards.
Each employee is responsible for upholding the legal and corporate regulations in his/her area of work.
Information, training and motivation to promote environmental awareness shall serve as the foundation for upholding these principles.

Energy policy

Purmetall's energy management is based on the analysis of energy flows within the company (energy sources, energy requirements, energy consumption) and the evaluated energy efficiency. Our energy management system is currently being developed. We aim to reduce our energy spending by 5 % per year.  

We are already generating 10 % of our energy consumption by means of our own photovoltaik system.